LIFE LESSONS from the lockdown

LIFE LESSONS from the lockdown

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With each passing day, I realise how we’re struggling to LIVE. With every breath, every heart throb, every pulse, I realise how we’re fighting through this and how we took our lives for granted. We have never been grateful enough for our lives, the biggest gift of god. This is the time when one needs to realise that it’s not about hustling everyday, collecting loads of money and not giving time to yourself but what helps is what you have made of yourself, your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The biggest lesson this crisis has taught me is that it’s the wrong approach to run after money and participate in the rat race to always come first and be ahead of others rather we should focus on larger things, being a giver. Wealth is not only about money but the friends you have, social support, respect, character, dignity and the love you receive. Let’s focus on being candles as when we melt, we provide warmth to ourselves as well as the people around.


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