Life is strange !!!

Life is strange !!!

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A very poor couple in Bangladesh had a son among four children. They were not only poor but illiterate too. Illiterate as they were, they had a dream of educating their son and for that, they left no stone unturned. The father, a landless farmer, worked hard on farms all day long and the mother worked at other people’s homes as a maid, over and above doing her duties at her household. They had a very small piece of land on which they built a thatched hut and lived there. Both the parents worked hard to defray the cost of education for their meritorious son.

When the son got admitted into a university he started bearing his expenses. He was even able to send his parents some money every month and soon that family got rid of extreme poverty. But poverty had fallen in love with them so much that it came back with a lot of sorrows and anxiety for them. And a simple, natural incident jeopardized all other things and strangled the hope of the family to death. The meritorious varsity student, falling paroxysm to adolescent infatuation, happened to fall in love with a classmate of his and marry her without even an hour’s notice. As a result, alas, he no longer remained an unmarried, domestic son to the family. Everybody was so shocked that they stopped exchanging letters with him.

However, the boy realized his mistake that he shouldn’t have married so early as his entire family, deprived of the ease of affluence for decades, needed to be served for some days until his sisters had been married off and some wealth had been accumulated for the nearly-old parents. But love forgives none and he started his own nuclear family in the city.

His income was barely enough for himself and his family. Still, he managed to save some money for his parents and sisters every month but they would not accept it. So he had to wait for three years to have a considerable rise in his income. After three years, one day he came to his parent’s family with his wife. He had quite some amount of money with him. But none of his parents or sisters talked to him or his wife, let alone take the money. He tried hard to convince them that it was an accident and now that it had already taken place, it should be accepted so that the future offered a good life. But nobody was convinced. There was resentment in them that they had to lose three years of well-being.

All attempts to revive the relationship failing, the son, at last, gathered both his parents at one place and said to them:

“Mother! Father! I am sorry that I forgot that my relationship with you is give-and-take-based and not heart-to-heart. I should try to return you all the favors that you have done to me in terms of money and wealth if not in terms of the loss of my freedom. I was so foolish that I even forgot that the parent-child or brother-sister relationship was completely based on material transactions and needed to be honored accordingly. Now I understand why the other people of society don’t think that I have done something wrong and why they haven’t stopped talking to me. My relationship with them hasn’t changed a bit because they love me only for love’s sake and my activities don’t influence the relationship unless I have done something illegal. How selfless relationships I have with them! So I’ve decided to pay you a lot for your hard work and investment in me. I think we can negotiate about it.”

No sooner had he said thus far than his parents realized their mistake and could distinguish it from the cause of their grief. They accepted their son together with his wife and started living a more complete life.

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