Let’s Say ‘NO’ To Body Shaming

Let’s Say ‘NO’ To Body Shaming

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we live in a society that is obsessed with everything. Fat is bad, dark is ugly, thin is sick. These “Too much” and “Not Enough” and “Wish I had” attitudes are something that we cultivate about our bodies each and every day. Most of us are potential victims of “body shaming”, especially via social media. When we fail to meet the supposed beauty standards, it takes a toll on our perception of ourselves and makes us love ourselves less.

Constructing Stereotypes

The ones that are threatened by this ideal notion of beauty the most, are models and actresses because public exposure of their image is a part of their job. So, some of them resort to Plastic Surgery, Non-Stop Workout, Dieting, and Photoshop. The result is that they only make the problem worse by injecting unhealthy, unrealistic messages into our minds. By allowing this, they construct stereotypes that young women follow all over the world and establish a norm of the perfect body type. After the size zero trend started by Kareena Kapoor Khan in her film Tashan, A Recent Example of this is the A4 size challenge, in which social media users- mostly women have been engaged in a bizarre mission to attain a thinner waist than the breadth of a regular A4 size paper sheet.

Freedom of Diversity

Enjoying the diversity should be our main concern. What is Beauty? As they say, it’s in the eyes of the beholder. We need to teach young girls to love the way they are. Fat, Thin, Tall, Short does not matter as long as you are comfortable in your own skin. Body Hate isn’t about your body – it’s about your mind. Or rather, the thoughts in your mind. And what you feel about yourself is what you tend to project out into the world. We spend so much time criticizing ourselves, seeing all these products in the media to make your waist smaller, height taller, skin lighter. Why don’t we try and move some of the focus away and start celebrating our bodies the way it is. When we learn to focus on positive aspects of our body and ourselves, it became much easier to feel confident, outgoing and empowered. We are all unique, quite beautifully so, we are given the bodies that we have at birth. We can’t change that. So, Why are we having this shame for our own beautiful bodies? When did it become okay for other people to pass judgment on how we look?
So, Let’s try and take a step closer to freedom from Body-Shaming. Let’s love our bodies despite their size. Let’s try and fall in love with ourselves. Because if we don’t then who will? Soar high above the thought that you’re not okay just the way you are. This is your life and you get to play by your rules.


-Prabhakar Jha



Prabhakar Jha

A big man with so many big dreams.

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  1. We’re all struggling to get through the bullshit this society has to offer. We’re all trying to gain happiness, love, acceptance from this society but we are judged upon our looks at every step in life. Why do we let people decide our worth? Why can’t we be enough for ourselves? Everyone wants to seek love from others but firstly we need to love ourselves. You can’t pour from an empty cup so take care of yourself first. The body type doesn’t matter, the soul matters.
    This body needs to be worshipped. It’s been disrespected enough.


    A little something…

  2. We are not going to deteriorate our mental health to personify our physical beauty.

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