Leonardo da Vinci – Creator of ‘Mona Lisa’

Leonardo da Vinci – Creator of ‘Mona Lisa’

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Leonardo da Vinci, or simply Leonardo was an Italian born in 1452. Leonardo is referred to as ‘Universal Genius’ due to his works. Leonardo was the master of different areas that included invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, and cartography. Leonardo is known as the greatest painter that ever existed on the face of the planet earth. The world-famous “Mona Lisa” painting was also painted by Leonardo. Sometimes, he is also credited with the invention of Parachute, Helicopter, and Tank.
Leonardo’s mind seems to be superhuman and the areas of his interest were unimaginable and impossible to conquer. Although there have been different speculations regarding his personal life, however; it is agreed today that he had logical views towards the world and was way ahead of his time.
Leonardo was originally a painter and his painting Mona Lisa is famous worldwide. His other painting Vitruvian Man is famous till the date and is heavily featured in textbooks, coins, and T-shirts and is a cultural icon. Leonardo’s work is still being accepted throughout the world and a painting by Leonardo, Salvator Mundi, was sold or a world-record $450.3 million at a Christie’s auction in New York, 15 November 2017, the highest price ever paid for a work of art. It is a sad situation that only 15 of his paintings are left today but those are being immortalized through modern technology.
Leonardo was known for his technical ingenuity. Leonardo (as stated) was way ahead of his time and conceptualized flying machines, armored vehicles, solar power, etc. His concepts and designs were not practical during those days as the world didn’t have any resources or technology to fulfill his work, but with the technical advancement of the modern era, people still are taking benefits from his ideas.
It was due to his designs that the modern manufacturing process came into existence. A large number of Leonardo Da Vinci’s working and practical models of different inventions are displayed at different museums. It is also said that Leonardo made different discoveries in anatomy, civil engineering, geology, optics, and hydrodynamics, but he did not publish his findings and they had no direct influence on later science.
The human version of the supercomputer, Leonardo, left the planet earth on 2nd May 1519 at the age of 67. Leonardo may have left centuries ago, but his knowledge, ideas, and beliefs still exist like a universal fact!


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