Kaizen: A Way of Life

Kaizen: A Way of Life

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The start of living a good life is not in what you have achieved but in what you long to achieve. So where are you headed?

The Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that adds meaning to life. Kaizen means bringing good changes which means continuous improvement. It helps in developing good habits as well as helps in personal growth. There are times when we all struggle in finding meaning and doubt our existence, this is where philosophy holds our hands. Hope is fuel for the mental engine. First of all, being optimistic is essential.

If we go by the story of a tortoise and a hare, we know that the slow and steady wins the race. Goal attainment is a gradual process that occurs when we bring small and positive changes in our behavior. Procrastination and inability to do what you want to occurs when we are so blinded by achieving the goal that we tend to lose focus on the process.

Once there was a shrewd businessman whose life revolved around his work, he did not have a family. Once, his friend told him to take a break from work and spend some time with himself and to explore his surroundings. He thought for a while and agreed to do so. Initially, he felt meaningless but then he started reading. To inculcate the habit of healthy reading, he started with two pages a day, then four a day, and so on. This became his everyday habit and today he gives a reading, the credit for making him a good person and a good businessman. Kaizen helped him change his perspectives and his life as a whole.

Kaizen focuses on improving what is already established. The greatest strength of a successful person is constant progress. Eventual gains arise when you learn how to manage time and use your wits in attaining your goals. In a popular saying, Kaizen is described as ‘Everyone, Every day and Everywhere’.


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  1. Well explained 👍
    One must keep on trying to improve in order to attain contentment in life

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