India and Pakistan: Suspicious to Auspicious

India and Pakistan: Suspicious to Auspicious

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The relation between India and Pakistan is considered to be the most suspicious one on the crust of this planet. There are many reasons for them to hate one another but there is still a ray of hope that unites these societies i.e. culture and history.  This region is the home of great cultures and civilizations. It is important to know that our ancestors used to live in peace and harmony from Peshawar to Chennai, from Karachi to Kolkata before the arrival of the Colonial Masters. Masses of the Subcontinent used to pay equal respect to every religion and this is evident from the gestures of Great Akbar to the Rai Pithora. All of them emphasized kindness and equality among all fragments of society so that the social fabric of society is remained intact and unharmed.

Britishers utilized the policy of divide and rule; this was the most effective methodology that they opted to conquer this land. Atrocities and brutalities that Indians faced during British Raj are unmatchable to any other incidents in history. People of this region whether they are from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh need to be aware of another repetition of the East India Company’s era under the new brand i.e. America and China. It is a need of the hour to acknowledge the threat of these corporate countries because they want to sell their weapons by fuel the ongoing hatred and bitterness between these two South Asian nations.

It is important to face reality before fueling war mongering scenarios. Politicians and military leaders are selling their hatred by blaming each other but the truth is the general population has different priorities. People across borders are haunted by poverty, illiteracy, inflation, and unemployment. They are losing hope because the middle section is on the edge to go below the belt and one cannot imagine the conditions and problems of the poor people that is approximately 400 million in the region. Today, Super Powers are penetrating into this region with more lethal and horrible weapons that can vanish the culture and traditions of the whole region within seconds.

It is crucial to understand the severity of the crisis that is upon us, no matter we are Indians or Pakistanis but the thing that matters is we share the same culture and history. It is important to propagate the vibes of unity instead of separatism because in all those seven decades after partition both of us managed to attain poverty, inflation, unemployment, and illiteracy. Imagine the spectrum of expenditures that we both are spending on the name of a hostile neighborhood; it is more than enough required to build the infrastructure of this whole region. It is high time to stop spending on hatred and destruction because cold breezes of peace and harmony should be inevitable for the sustainability of this region. It is a need of the hour to propagate peace in this region otherwise we all will meet the fate of Syria or Iraq. It is important for India and Pakistan to follow the legacy of their forefathers of peace and coexistence so that their relationship status switched from suspicious to auspicious.

Zaigham Abbas

I am a student of history and international relations. I am doing content writing as my hobby.

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