In the Midst of Raging Storms and Calamity

In the Midst of Raging Storms and Calamity

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Amid raging storms and calamity can be one of the uttermost difficult moments for many individuals; this is because, during such instances, a lot is going on, so many voices are screaming at you, overpowering your voice. A million thoughts are crisscrossing your mind, how then can you remain calm and listen to your own voice?

It is not as easy as people tend to portray it. You need to master the art of remaining calm even in raging storms, even when a billion voices are fighting each other deep inside your mind. You got no choice than to listen keenly at your own voice. Sometimes your voice is the weakest of all voice…yet it is the loudest- ready to stop the raging storm, ready to encourage you, ready to devour other voices just to keep you calm and sanity.

Your voice yearns to have a listening ear from you to let you know how strong you are despite all the calamities surrounding you. Cherish and treasure your voice as it is the most powerful tool you have to fight and overcome all raging storms and calamities deep inside you.

Rose Scaver

I am a competent visionary and time-bound professor with unfathomable love for writing. I am well equipped with sound reasoning and Problem-Solving skills. Writing is the food to my soul.

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