How to Survive the Odds when You are Financially Broke?

How to Survive the Odds when You are Financially Broke?

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Nobody is an exception when finances got down the drain. We all have financial difficulties each day. The tough pitch of being financially broke could be avoided if you have a strong will and conviction to do it no matter what it takes. Get up from your financial paralysis and start a new life ahead. So, let’s hit the bottom line to start all over again to attain financial stability and freedom without bothering other people who might not be able to help you when you are at the losing end. Though it is a rare find,  search patiently for FREE NECESSITIES. If there is a food bank in your country, do not hesitate to go there  For a hassle-free Internet connection go to a nearest library and avail of their FREE WIFI SERVICE to do your job or getting in touch with your friends If an apartment rental is your main concern, look for temporary shelter at a homeless center while you are in the process of finding a job. Talk to a social worker to find out how you can make money through government programs.

Some websites can assist you with FREE FURNITURE and those landlords who have a good heart whom you can negotiate with until things would get better. Next, do not ever blame yourself if your finances are killing you. Being financially broke is not the end of your happiness. Use your WIT and CREATIVITY in requesting for all that you need. Borrow a bicycle to save some money. Food consumption is a big challenge for you to hurdle. Therefore, think of foodstuffs which are relatively cheaper and healthier, too. Feast on potatoes, lentils, and beans. After all, health is a priceless gift from God. Ask for veggies if you have a friend who owns a backyard.

Stay happy and positive if you are financially broke.  Do not allow your situation to make you miserable. Avoid alcohol-induced beverages. Exercise and get out of your bed when money depression strikes. Take care of yourself to have better control of your financial perils. Money emotions are resolvable. Face them squarely.  Help someone for free to lift your spirit. Volunteerism releases a chemical inside our brain to resonate with happiness. Talk and interact with other people about positive things. Clear your frame of mind by walking. Enjoy the fragrance of clean air. It bolsters one’s brainpower to think of concrete solutions.

Learn and practice the art of being grateful. I appreciate things that you still possess. Modify or restructure your attitude on how to reverse your financially broke dilemma. Apply the rules of POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY. In the next few weeks, you are going to build a fortress within yourself to make a lasting rapport and harmonious relationship with others. Try to increase your cash flow by doing blue-collar jobs in your community. Augment your finances by engaging yourself in online jobs which could generate a huge sum of money. Sell your assets at a fair price. This is the best alternative instead of borrowing money from friends. Think of using your talents to do home-based businesses. Take ACTION to change your damned situation.

Worsening financial scenarios end up in depression and guilt. As a result, your children are helpless victims. Vent your depression with a functional mindset. Do household chores.  Work as if you do not have time to worry at all. Most importantly, nourish your spirituality. Read the Holy Scriptures and contemplate. Pray and allow God to inspire and encourage you. The financially broke litany can be permanently solved by Him alone. BELIEVE, TRUST, and GOD WILL PERFORM MIRACLES to help you regain your wealth and success. Let His supernatural powers heal and comfort you.

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