How to Remove Distractions in Life

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Being productive needs paying undivided attention to the task in hand, but it’s not so easy in this fast-paced world.

Here are some tips you can use to better your productivity, and feel less distracted-

1. Use headphones

Co-workers or friends won’t disturb you because they think you can’t hear them.

2. Disable phone notifications

Disable all phone notifications, if it is truly important they will call you.

3. Schedule your internet time

Schedule in advance when you use the internet and shut it down when it isn’t needed.

4. Use To-do techniques

Schedule your tasks in to-do lists, and tick them off as you finished them.
Pro tip- There are many apps to integrate your to-do lists.

5. Quit social media

If you want to concentrate more on your work, quit social media.

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