How To Have A Healthy Relationship

How To Have A Healthy Relationship

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First of all, there’s no definition of “Ideal Relationship”. There’s no terms and conditions to have an Ideal Relationship. Every relationship is different and unique in it’s own way. However, if you’re in a relationship, you should always have a healthy relationship.

A relationship becomes healthy when two people, despite their differences, try their best to keep the relationship intact with love and respect. 

Unfortunately, not everyone understand this. And I am not a sexist so I won’t say only guys or only girls are at fault. But, we have to understand what’s healthy for us and what’s not. Don’t be blind in love. Now it’s not magic and it doesn’t have any super formula. You just have to know some things and boom! You’re happily in love and totally satisfied with your partner.

First of all, know what’s toxic and what’s not. And if your partner does something toxic, don’t wait for it to happen twice to correct it. Say it immediately.

Secondly, Vulnerability is completely natural in a healthy relation. It does not mean you’re weak, it just means you trust your partner more than anything.

Third, communication is the master key. No matter whatever happens, talk and make it clear. Don’t sleep being angry. Be cool, be calm. You guys are two different people, so it will happen. Just talk and work it out.

Fourth, give time to each other. Yeah, I know, everyone’s busy in today’s life. But, priority matters, you know. You have to spend time with each other. Remember how you used to do things together that made you happy in the past? Do those things again.

Number five, appreciate each other. You are not each other’s twins. So, you will have differences. You won’t have the same choices in everything. Yeah, joking is okay, like batman vs. superman (personally, I always prefer batman) or this song/movie vs. that song/movie. But don’t always say “you don’t know anything, you always have to follow what I say and do it accordingly”. He/she is your partner, not your slave!

Number six, respect each other. Appreciate each other’s work or what he/she has done for you. Compliment him/her.

Number seven, don’t let the insecurity come.

Number eight, express yourself. Say what you feel. He/she isn’t telepathic, so he/she can’t read minds.

Number nine, don’t control and don’t be controlled! You two are equal in a relationship. Always remember that.

And last but not the least, don’t judge, please. Accept that the other person has a past. Which makes them what they are today. Love them for who they are and not some imaginary perfect guy/girl. You were not in their shoes, so you could not judge!


That’s all! Be happy, stay happy. Fall in love and explore yourself!


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