How to get a girl to like you

How to get a girl to like you

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It’s been days since i last posted something , well I’m sure y’all missed me …. well today I’m going to be talking about how to be ”the bad guy” to any girl you wish to have and in which I’ll be dropping points for everything that have sense .
now to win a girls attention , you need to be
1. outspoken(bold,brave,courageous, mad)
2. flirty

1. Outspoken, now from our last discussion i made a reference to this topic here about being outspoken. Look a girl won’t want to give u a chance if u are not speaking up … she can’t call u her bad guy if u can’t speak maturely with her . You need to have courage to talk to her(i could bring up a talk on how to approach a girl , but that wont be today).

2.Flirty. Remember this is just a summary , in time i will get into details what i mean by all this points. Now a very informative thing I’m about to say and you should never joke with it ” being a flirt give you 70% chances of winning a girl at that moment” , what do i mean when i say this ? truth is this. Meeting a girl as a good guy sucks or even showing you have good intentions sucks. Before you meet a girl , you must be ready to act like a player, how? I’ll show u how in the next post



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