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How to write/speak endlessly on any topic

People often say like we cant speak/write on any given topic and that their mind freezes or becomes blank when they hit the stage or hold the pen. I do understand its not easy scenario for them, however if you follow below hack, you can crack the code, Lets get going.

Imagine yourself in front of a big tree and you need to climb and pick each fruit there is on the tree. Now you start climbing the tree, quickly go to one of the branches and higet that fruit and come back to the main branch.Then go for other branches and collect fruits. This way you can keep going and never fall short of fruits.

Same analogy can be used in creative writing /speech. Dwell on that one main idea and keep reaching out to it sub ideas, ensure you write down the sub ideas, as they tend to disappear from your mind quickly. Keep coming back to your main idea and dont dwell on any sub idea for long as it may block you from other sub ideas and you also risk losing the flow of thoughts altogether. Same as falling off the tree if you keep waiting at the sub branches.

Remember there is no limit to your imagination/visualisation , so there cant be limit on how much creatively you can speak and write. Practice this method for any topic you consider yourself as dry, boring and you wont believe how well you can turn it around.

Until next time, will cover on how to become creative.

satish mishra

I am an IT professional, but a writer at heart. I yearn to travel places, learn about new people , and their lives. Anything and everything ancient about India excites me to no end and i go deep into researching it. I have interests in Ancient Indian warfare weapons, farming, alchemy, vimanas, portable furnace, and lot more. Its very easy to know me, only thing i despise is judging me due to my outer appearance, looks can be misleading. know me first and then take a call. Enough said...

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  1. I like the idea and analogy u gave……i hope it will help me …..thanks bro……all the best….

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