How to Boost Your Memory in 15 Minutes or Less?
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How to Boost Your Memory in 15 Minutes or Less?

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Memory enhancement does lots of amazing wonders for our overall health and wellness. Cognitive experts say that physical exercise could excellently boost our minds. The Haynes team of researchers from Mississippi University has found out that short exercise routines before learning made our memory sharp like an eagle’s eye. This was scientifically proven by a 2010 systematic review composed of older adults. Accordingly, 71% of correlated studies positively indicated that physical activities and cognition processes are in harmony with one another to serve the purpose of bolstering the mind to think creatively. Likewise, to boost your memory in 15 minutes or less decreases the incidence of dementia among senile individuals.

The main research framework on how to boost your memory in less than 15 minutes utilized temporal effects of exercise by applying a within the counterbalanced design, wherein all subjects have been exposed to all research conditions with different orders, to extricate the presence of potential bias. Twenty-four college students whose age brackets ranged from 18-35 were asked to participate in this brief and worthwhile memory-enhancing scientific study. To get the best possible conclusions, smokers were eliminated from a given group. In the same way, both pregnant women and individuals with attention-deficit disorders were prohibited from joining the actual experiment.

Participants were asked to complete four one hour visits to an undisclosed laboratory. The controlled group was assigned to be inactive with no physical activities at all. Moreover, three sessions of exercise were conducted before and after a memory encoding method.

The manipulative group walked on a treadmill at their own pace for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the other subjects did not perform any task. To boost your memory in less than 15 minutes some did a certain learning task before, during and after the exercise routines. A Rey Auditory-Visual Learning Test was administered.  RAVALT is a test to measure both long-term and short memories, consisting of two lists with 15 words which must be read several times to a participant. He or she should recall as many words as possible.

Overall, to boost your memory in less than 15 minutes experiment has revealed that moderate and high-intensity physical activities which had to be done before any undertaking improved learning to a large extent. So, let us give our brain the most precious gift. A healthy lifestyle which tremendously provides it with enormous adrenaline that remains to be unceasing each day. The Central Nervous System is a versatile and yet complex gift of God’s powerful and incomprehensive wisdom that none of us can ever replicate.

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