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Hi there

For today’s lesson, I would be talking about Attraction (for those who like a girl they are already in contact with).

Now basically we all think that girls love only those who are rich, prolific, cute and are very fashionable. But have you ever wondered why some guys who aren’t cute and who have no cash end up dating the cutest of girls?

Well, the answer is just the attitude, I’m sorry to tell you boy but no girl will fall for any guy that she can toy with easily. Check it out yourself, between an iPhone and a normal android/Smartphone which would you accept as a gift if you were to choose? Everyone will go for the iPhone why, because of the class it has and the rate at which it is hard to get in an average man’s community, now same goes to a normal guy/girl attraction game. If you like a girl first thing to do is build the boldness in you say to yourself ‘’I am the man’’ build that courage within you, never ever look down on yourself that you are not worthy of a girl, never ever think you are too small for a girl, never ever believe that any girl is above your league. As a matter of fact, drink it in you that every girl wants you to be close to them, then you are ready to begin.

Social media has made it easy to many guys especially the shy ones but also it helps in building the attraction. You might not be a financially stable guy but you have to build your class by yourself

Don’t be always available for a girl you like

Don’t show her your soft side

Don’t stop teasing her

Don’t be predictable

Choose when to be available for her (do not allow her to choose how your flow goes, it’s risky .)

Follow all those steps and you are one step into attracting the girl you love. Note that every girl no matter how bossy likes guys who are in control … I’m talking about every way possible

In our next lesson, I’ll give in more to the topic of attraction, for now, let’s pause here.

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