How I Became A successful Freelancer.

How I Became A successful Freelancer.

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We all broke our rules for someone, did we not? There was a time when every night used to pass by and me sitting numb and just thinking why am I even alive? What purpose do I have to be in here? Am I just some extra mass on this globe? If you are here reading the words posted by me first believe in your existence and if you can’t. Do not proceed reading.

There had been a phase where every night I used to burn the midnight oil and kept reading stories of spectacular people.  What made me curious was how I can be like them. But that is where I came to know I have other aspirations to follow. For straight 2 years and even longer, I used to Upload my resume on every other Employer platform- that’s still not going to tell you who I am.

Every night used to pass and I kept dealing with a lot of mood swings, an extemporaneous feeling of failure, being overshadowed and what not. But my dears, that is where a leader is born. I used to write essays, articles and get them discarded. Days and years pass by and no sense of improvement came by me….

What kept me going was I have always been believing in me. There was nobody to guide me. I had nobody to take inspirations from, I was turned off by many people and you guess what? They come to me for their life issues and problematic situations. That’s where I spoke volumes

I stopped eating for hours, My sleep patterns were ridiculously out and I was just in flow do get something crazy done. I used to keep writing and writing without any restrictions. The funniest part is people still ask me the captions for their photos. Little things that we do for others make us realize our value in other’s life.

Well, there have been a lot of other struggles that kept me going on. This was the hunger to earn. To earn literally anything but by doing good. Trust me fellows never ever opt to defraud someone. It comes back to you and that is how alteration of power works. In the havoc of what to do and what not to I kept my goals straight and finally got a call from a renowned company and they hired me on a remote basis. But this was not just that, Studying medicine and getting a deep connection with writing might lead a person to go off the track. Balancing both is essentially necessary.  For more, keep reading!

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  1. Impressive efforts , Very Well Done.
    Pray for you more and more progress and May You achieve , whatever you desire ..
    Hope for your bright Future.
    Best Of Luck..


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