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I always remember the look they give me when I walk on the streets,
The way they look at my body as if I am a piece of meat… I want to look good but I am afraid of being followed.
I want to walk freely, but I am afraid of being teased.
I don’t want to go in public, because there will be uncountable eyes, raping me in their mind.

You have no right to stare at my arse whenever I bend down.
You have no right to move your hand in nights while staring at my picture.

Do you think I am blind?
Do you think I can’t react?
I am not dumb to not notice your blathering comments, especially when you bark so loudly.
I am not dumb to not realize that the old romantic creepy 90s song you just have sung to tease us.
I am not dumb to not acknowledge the fact that you’re staring at me and imagining what that ass would like naked.

I am not dumb to ignore this!
Never mistake my silence for weakness,
Remember that sometimes the air stills before the onset of the hurricane.

Do you know what is our major problem?
That we girls live in a world where we are being divided and ruled,
We live in a world where we are taught to compete within ourselves first then with men.
We live in a world where a Girl puts down another, to stand up herself!
But try to imagine a day when we start loving each other, most of all us more,
Imagine a day if we all are tied up in a single thread,
You never know when your soldier is chopped off before the war.

I hope one day, there will be no staring,
I hope one day, no one will care,
Whether the fabric is short or long,
Visible stuff-bra or thong.
Whether a mini skirt or a cloak,
Clothes aren’t right or wrong,
It’s your mind, facing a deadlock.

I hope one day there is no news of rape
I hope one day there is no obscene tape
Is it so hard to achieve,
Is a world free of harassment and eve-teasing?
If being a man I can feel and write this, then
I hope other men can understand the shits they are doing wrong.

Prabhakar Jha

A big man with so many big dreams.

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