Hanging the tourism landscape of Bangladesh.

Hanging the tourism landscape of Bangladesh.

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We are passionate about creating meaningful experiences of life that give you a better understanding of the self, community, culture, and nature through outdoor activities, expeditions, and adventure.

These are tourism programs that through empowering them for travelers, in diverse geographical settings, to create deeper connections between communities and people through engaging experiences

Through these experiences, an individual should be more aware of his/her identity, with increased tolerance and respect.


Bangladesh, a middle-income country in South East Asia, accommodates more than 170 million people. It has one of the most densely populated urban areas, with very few public spaces. The tourism industry is not prepared for the growing number of the middle class with growing income. We wanted to break the conventional approach towards tourism (just be at a place and not do anything to extract the full experience from it). We wanted to create a unique experience blending tourism and learning together. We wanted to use the “lack of infrastructure of the country” to our advantage and provide unique experiences to people who wouldn’t have done so otherwise. It is an innovative approach, not from a global perspective maybe but definitely in the local context. Bangladesh is underexposed globally as tourist destinations but it has a lot of diversity in its terrain. If we can build the local tourism infrastructure in an organized way now, we can attract a huge pool of foreign tourists in our country. Our tourism model can be replicated to neighboring countries. We are also involving indigenous people in community tourism and engaging them in economic activities.

Our goal

We are trying to establish the country’s first campground along with on tree and on-ground activities where city dwellers, both individuals, and institutions, experience outdoor living, adventure and curriculum learning.

We have already engaged with two communities to build experiences around it. This sustainable business model identifies, empowers and packages unique features of that community, and makes the experience memorable for local and international tourists.

We are organizing events like walks, cycling trips and treks in different locations of the country, many of which have become regular phenomena already. We have always challenged the status quo, in all our ventures and thus we have generated great results. Our initiative has been the first initiative of such kind in Bangladesh and has already attracted a lot of attention in the last 6 years. It is largely because of the unique experience we provide for every type of our clients.

Starting from one location near Dhaka, we have already expanded to two community tourism destinations for local and inbound tourists in Tangail and Bandarbans under the initiative Thousand Miles Expeditions. We are also facilitating people to expeditions in Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, and Kenya.

In 2013, we built the country’s first campground that allowed city dwellers to experience outdoor living and adventure activities. Working with them made us passionate about creating meaningful experiences of life that creates a deeper connection with the self, community, culture, and nature.

We have already served more than 10000 adventure lovers and have 2 hundred thousand followers on social media and we take pride in keeping active relationships with them. Any assistance would help us leapfrog towards our vision we are pursuing.



Bangladesh strives to make a positive impact on the livelihood of the people. We believe in incorporating corporate social responsibility in our business models to achieve economic, environmental and social imperatives and to make sustainable development to the community.

The first outdoor activity camp in Bangladesh came into being with the idea to give life a meaningful experience through a diversity of cultural exchange, outdoor activities, expeditions and adventure. With that objective in mind, we initiated its projects and set out on a mission to change the tourism landscape of the country.

In Bangladesh, women are still struggling for equality, education, and empowerment. It is a big challenge in this country to bring a disruption that will make a sustainable impact.

Thousands Miles Club, an initiative of us, as we have taken up the challenge to empower our girls through education and prepare them to make a significant impact in society and build them to represent Bangladesh to the world.

Mysteries of the mountains: We launched the country’s first inclusive community-based ecotourism initiative. We are on a mission to preserve the lifestyle of the Bawm community, and simultaneously to empower them for a better livelihood. Moreover, we will make it work through our community-based ecotourism plan.

To educate the Bawm children, who were deprived of the right, we have established a school where kids are learning Bangla, English, Maths and their ethnic language.


Besides, a tree plantation program has been launched, and by now over 600 trees have been planted at Munlai. Our goal is to bring back Munlai’s lost nature treasure, and thus we are planting the trees which were lost from the oasis with time. Besides, we are also counseling the farmers for “responsible organic agriculture” to motivate them to use chemical-free fertilizers for their crops.

To empower the women in the community, we are giving them weaving training, to polish their traditional skills so that they can make handicrafts and sell them to the guests and earn extra money.

The project has been designed to promote the ethnic community and livelihood development of the locals with a key focus on the Bawm community of the Munlai.

We have also opened a health camp in the locality to facilitate basic medical check-ups for the local people, once a month. The people of the community are also getting free medicine as per their requirements.



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