Girls Love Bad Guys

Girls Love Bad Guys

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I grew up in a small town in Africa.

My main wish while growing up as a teenager was to have the hottest girl as a girlfriend or more so be the main point of attraction by cute girls in the community. But just like we all know, sometimes wishes don’t get granted till you work on them. But hey, what do I mean when I say ”work on them”? Well, I grew up the ”GOOD GUY” most of my life and somehow it has affected me in the odd way possible. It’s either I am too nice or I care too much or I am clingy or I get the ” why do you care too much rant”. It gets me worried about the fact that every girl I ask out since I was 14 till 20 always gave an excuse of not dating me and they all end up in one picture .”You are a good guy”, now how did I fix up myself, how did I step up my game, how did I change my story? I’ll tell you how I just kept reading and researching though it’s not as easy as it sounds cause you have to ”work” and I promise to make it a very easy road for everyone that follows me, reading my post and shows interest in turning the ”good but bad guy every girl will want”.

Feel free to share your problems and relationship issues, and

I’ll be surely willing to help.

Sampson McCarthy

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