Girls love bad guys?

Girls love bad guys?

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Hi there, so in my last post i made reference about how i was being a good guy to the person i am today. Don’t get me mistaken here , I’m not a bad guy also neither am i the good guy , let’s just say a normal guy with the sauce… now before i get deep into the story let me share a little story of what happened to me few years ago at school. I was very timid, yes. Not having the swag, yes.Not your regular kind of guy,yes. And most especially, i was an average student,Yes. Average in every manner i was, so definitely i had no one paying attention to me. To tell you the truth, life was tough back then cause everything i did for the attention i got laid out, but with all those things (flaws,wrongs,average class) i still fell for someone(i mean hell yea, everyone gotta catch feelings for someone at some point). She was a cute girl , real cute my intentions were to marry her that’s if i could even get the mind to tell her i was into her, but those were all dreams though, i mean at least i tried by writing letters to her which actually got her attention ,but i was on a road to heartbreak because deep down i knew that even if she liked me, i wasn’t fit to face her. Later down the path, as expected i failed. But hey funny thing is this, i never told her my feelings in person (just papers) and also she wanted the courage in me but couldn’t tell me because it was my problem not hers .Now back to the issue on ground , before i go further get this straight ” As a guy no girl, i repeat no girl would love you being timid, she could like you but can never love you” at least that’s a more reason i had to tell that story.

Now I’ll have to break it here, i won’t want to stress you with too much reading until tomorrow where i’ll give in more details and talk about ”what girls want”.


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