Gender Discrimination Experienced by Women

Gender Discrimination Experienced by Women

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Men and women are the two wheels of the same cycle but why is it that men form the first wheel and women have to follow them being the second wheel? Both men and women are equal as they are created with the same love of God. But tell me, why is it that men use Mr. even before getting married and after that also but women have to change it from Ms to Mrs. Why is it Mr and Mrs and not Mrs and Mr, all of this is a game of words we’ve been playing from the start. It is a juggling of balls where the ball is the equality and rights of women.

Remember the ancient times when women were known as the Grah Laxmi and Ardhangini. They were given utmost respect as they were the child bearers. If gods and goddesses can follow the principle of equality then whyCan their creations, humans, cannot do it? The notion of equality and women empowerment can be seen since ancient times. Women could hold zamindaris and Jahanara help in creating Shahjanabad.

However, women face gender discrimination at work place. They’re not given equal pay for the same work as men. They are not granted Provident fund, maternity leaves and other privileges. Their work is not given much value

and they are treated as worthless.

The major cause of this is the orthodox and rigid mentality of the society. Even now women are looked upon. However I would say that there is also fear in the mind of the men that women will overrule them and take their jobs.

So as it is said that God helps those who help themselves, we, women need to stand up for our own rights and fight patriarchy. The law Is made that there should be equal pay for men and women. And I would want the women do not feel vulnerable and fight the fear of male domination. It is high time we stand up for our own selves.


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