Five Signs you are mentally unhealthy.

Five Signs you are mentally unhealthy.

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While thinking about what to write next for my readers I was puzzled. I took a couple of suggestions about what should my next article be about. But then as a writer, I believe people should not be telling me what to write, my instinct should.

Mental health is as important as physical health. Physical health has all the power to be treated with medicine on early diagnosis. For example on the diagnosis of fever, few medicines are sought. But have you ever thought about the medicine of mental health? It’s the peace that you had when you were younger and the only difficult choice to be made was distinguishing between the two ice cream flavors. What is health? Health is phenomenal when a living being is in the best mold or form of existence. Well for now; let me make you discover a few consequences of being mentally unhealthy. So an early diagnosis can be powerful and equally beneficial.

1-You, Find happiness in little things: Been in a class where you have been rewarded as a star child and you think growing up is devastating? Been in a position when you were the star employee of the month but now after switching to this job you are just an ordinary as others.  Have you been on an occasion where just a simple appreciation of your clothes makes your day? Or have you been in an event where an unintentional comment on your obesity drives you insane and you feel like dying instantly? Out of all these, we have been suffering through a lot of such stuff daily and now we are practicing it to be usual? Agreed? Stop it! You were not born for this, do not get annoyed on little things, practice empathy, and start loving yourself. Maybe if the previous month you were not a star employee you could have been a star human. Go out and feed a poor for one night, observe the change.

2- Your Relationships are important than your life: Have you been in a toxic relationship? Where you cannot let him or her go because of the intimacy of love you two have been sharing? Have you been in a position where you know that you are being used but all you can do is enjoy being used because you cannot let a person’s mind or leave you behind? Have you been out on a date and it is always you be paying for the 58th time because your date cannot be spoiled? We all share the same amazing relevancies but my readers, you need to believe in the fact that people who are meant to stay with us, STAY, no matter what. No matter how little efforts we put on. No matter how little contribution we make to save our bonds. Believe me pals; there are people out who love you for you being you. Stop depicting what you aren’t.

3-You cannot say NO: Been in a situation where you have always been investing a lot. Knowing zero outcomes of it? You are the first one who is on the list of people to ring at the time of need! But my friend, you save everyone, who saves you? You need to realize the difference between being used and being selfless. You need to understand that saying no for an event is fine. Staying up late and delaying a party at the eleventh hour is ten on ten. Being lazy at times with a bag of nuts and coffee and denying everybody’s offers to hangout is on point.

4- Your nights are actually nightmares:  How many times you have continuously been swinging in bed late and struggling to sleep. This is supposed to be the high time when you think of an answer you could have said in a heated argument. This is the time for you when a message from a long-lost ex awaits you. Inside you know nothing connects you both anymore. You have continuously doubted your personality and why you failed the job interview. If you realize with real eyes that nights are created for you to rest and lean out your exhaustion you would have been living a better life for sure. If you really would stop listening to those old emotional songs that drive you more insane, You would have been living a better life. To get a better sleep mediate, eat better and do not forget to help a person with mental health issues.

5-You are the only individual in a crowd: You think that in a class of 120 pupils you are the only unheard unfriended person, right? You think you have been through the worst come situations like a friendship betrayal or failing an exam, right? You think the world owes you something for your agonies, right? THE WORLD OWES YOU NOTHING. We have all been through something all our entire life. We have climbed different trees of different altitudes, but we all did. Some have a fear of failing alone. Some fear to eat alone at the table. Some fear, sleeping alone. But let me tell you the worst one. Living alone…

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  1. it’s good but need to know something.
    1st) you talk about living alone? right but what about some situation in which you are very extroverted grab friends quickly and easily but easily gets irritated by their personality.
    simply don’t like their vibes… what kind of sick mental diseases is it????

    you talk about unsleepiness but what about sleepy always no matter how much do I sleep.😢
    can you help?

    1. I understand your situation been faced that multiple times. I’m also an extrovert and the moment I feel annoyed of someone’s personality I cut them off for my mental peace.
      Secondly, its good to be hypersominiac at night only. If you think too much sleep can be a harm. Fix your sleeping schedule. Try to develop self control. If you sleep 10 hours in a day gradually make it 9.5 then 9. Make sure that the hours you’ve been cutting should be engaged with something productive. Like part time freelancing , reading, giving tuitions

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