Five Reasons to Visit Pakistan

Five Reasons to Visit Pakistan

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For every geographical nerd, there is a country in Southern Asia enriched culture and history, Pakistan. When you hear the word Pakistan, you will have a sudden impression in your mind. In the early years of past decades, the first impression of Pakistan was negative with extremist conceptions. However; from the past couple of years, this perception is changing big time and today, I am presenting a few of many reasons to visit Pakistan.

1- Positive Indicators

When we decide about visiting a country unknown to us, we like to study international indicators about the country’s condition. These conditions help decide the success level of the country’s policies.

Reduction in Terrorism

No country in the world has suffered like Pakistan for the sake of “War Against Terror”. The past couple of decades have been like a War on Pakistan. Pakistan has lost 60,000 people in the battle against terrorism. Further, the country has lost $120 billion in the terrorism War.

But, due to the continuous heroic efforts of the Pakistan Army, the country has broken out of this hollow shell and is now able to thrive through the success ladder. As per the recent statistics by CRSS, Center for Research and Security Studies. Terrorism has reduced by 31% in the last year, 2019. Furthermore, the civilians affected by these activities were also 36% lower than in previous years.

Favorite Tourist Destination

Tourism has been the main attraction of Pakistan with its amazing natural places in the Province of KPK and especially in the northern areas. In a study by Condé Nast Traveler in the US, Pakistan has been named as the top tourist destination in the world.

Further, countries like the US and UK have lifted the restrictions to travel the northern areas of Pakistan, reflecting the positive policies of the state. Also, the world-renown magazine, Forbes has also pointed toward Pakistan when it comes to places to visit in 2020.

2- The Amazing Natural Beauty

Whether you love the ocean, mighty mountains, landscapes, or desert, Pakistan has every aspect of natural beauty for your entertainment and enjoyment. The area is one of the most beautiful places on planet earth. If you start from the upper region, you will find five of the highest mountains in the world in Pakistan with K2 being the second highest in the world.

Further, there are lakes and amazing waterfalls worth your attention, time, and money. Some of the amazing places in Pakistan are in the northern region of the country. Also, the capital of the country, Islamabad is an absolute treat to watch with amazing hills across the capital.

3- Diverse Culture

The area of land where Pakistan has its borders recently has an enriched culture from years dating back to the BC years. When you visit the Sindh province, it has multiple historical buildings related to Archeologists and Geologists.

The places like Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro are in Pakistan and these places have human cultural remains from 1500 to 2500 BC. Further, the province has details of Indus civilization spread all over the area.

We have talked about the natural views in the northern area. But, along with that significance, this region has a history dating back to ancient China and beyond.

Furthermore, Islamic culture prevails heavily in the country. The constructional geniuses of Muslim Empires like the Mughals can be praised in Lahore and other regions of Punjab. The places like The Badshahi Mosque, The Lahore Fort are the few highlights of the Lahore city.

4- Meet the descendants of Alexander the Great

There is a point agreed in the word about Pakistan. We don’t know all about Pakistan Yet! Not especially ever since the International media began a conspiracy war against Pakistan since the 9/11 incident. However; the country has climbed that era and is in the state to grab tourists’ attention.

Has it come to your knowledge that the greatest ruler of the world, Alexander the Great has an association with Pakistan? Grab your popcorns and read this amazing fact. High above the mountains of the north, you will find Kalash Valley.

The citizens of this valley are the descendants of Alexander the great and are living their own unique life with mesmerizing mystique. Their culture, the dances, the tradition, everything is enriched with beauty and colors. In fact, they are the last Pagans in the country.

5- Enjoy Polo on The Roof of The World

If you are a fan of heights, mesmerizing culture, and adventurous sports, then the Shandur Festival is a must-see experience for you in the northern area of Pakistan. This place is the highest polo ground on the planet earth. The game itself is a treat displaying a glimpse of Ancient Wars.

Players of the sports ride a horse like a Warrior and battle the opposition in an amazing game of Polo. This polo ground is at 3700 meters from the sea level and the whole game has become an important cultural aspect of the north.


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