Fathers life story

Fathers life story

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This writing is about a father’s life story. When he first became a father, he made a promise to his child. He will give all the happiness of the world to the child with all of his life. He used to work in a shop as an employee. He was not financially solvent. But he always tried to keep his family happy. The father tried to fulfill all the demands of his son. The smiling face of his son was the most valuable asset for him.

When his son was 18 years old, he got paralyzed from an accident. Then he lost his ability to work. After that, his wife started sewing clothes to maintain the family. Gradually the father became a burden on his family. He used to hear many harsh words from his wife and son. He realized that he became a worthless person to his family.

After a few months, his son wanted to go in abroad for his higher education. The father always tried to fulfill all the dreams and wishes of his son. That’s why his father arranged a good amount of money this time too and gave that to his son for his higher education in abroad. For this reason, his son was very glad for his father. After that, his son went in abroad. But his family never wanted to know how he arranged that money. Moreover, his family was pleased with him.

But the matter of sorrow that, his father died within a few days. Before his death, he wrote a letter to his son and that was, “I promised you and I have tried to keep my words. I have realized that a father has value as long as he can earn money. But when he fail to earn money, he has no value and when the money comes back to love and respect return.

Afterward, his son got to know that his father earned that money by donating his kidney.

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