Famous food of Mumbai.

Famous food of Mumbai.

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Are you a food lover like me? You can visit Mumbai. The best delicious food in Mumbai. There are many foods but here are some of them ( vada pav, misal pav, pav bhaaji, Kanda pohe, pani pure, Mysore masala dosa, keema pav, idils and vades, Bombay Sandwich, ragda patties).

And this time everyone is at home. We are missing this food so you can make this at home. But the taste is different. There are many restaurants they give us this food and they takes every precaution.

  • Vada pav:- vada pav is a famous dish in Mumbai. Vada pav is a vegetarian dish. The price of the vada pav is only 12 rs. They give us chills and spicy and sweet chutney with vada pav. In many locations, there are more then 5 or 8 vada pav shops. When you see vada pav water comes in our mouth.
  • Misal pav:- you want to eat a healthy breakfast so eat misal pav. In misal pav, there are many healthy items like potato bhaaji, poha, chivada, onions, tomato. The hot and spicy street food of Mumbai eats with pav and fresh yoghurt.
  • Pav bhaaji:- you can eat pav bhaaji at breakfast but you can also enjoy at night because many shops of pav bhaaji are open at night so you can kill your hunger pangs. The taste of pav bhaaji is delicious.
  • Kanda pohe:- Kanda pohe is easy to make. The taste is so yummy. Kanda pohe is also eat-in breakfast and evening snacks. In every vegetarian hotel, Kanda pohe is served.
  • Pani pure:- Everyone loves pani pure. Pani pure is universal love. There is not a single person in India who does not like pani pure. Pani pure is water ball. The taste of water is hing jeera and khatta meetha.
  • Mysore masala dosa:- There are many varieties and flavours dosa. One of is Mysore masala dosa. They give us 2 chutneys ( coconut chutney and sambhar). Mysore masala dosa is made by rice better.
  • Keema pav:- keema pav is a Parsi dish. You can eat keema pav at breakfast, lunch and dinner also. Keema is made by meet mutton and tomato sauce. You can eat with rote, pav and also with rive.
  • Idils and vadas:- Idils and vadas are a famous dish in Mumbai. Idils is made by rice better and vadas are made by white dal. They also give us 2 chutneys ( coconut chutney and sambhar).
  •  Bombay sandwich:- Bombay Sandwich is a delicious and popular sandwich made with green chutney and fresh veggies. Most people love to enjoy with a cup of INDIAN MASALA CHAI. 
  • Raghda patties:- most people eat Raghda patties in evening snacks. Raghda patties is made with potatoes and fresh veggie. More than 90% of people of India eat Raghda patties.

This is how food makes. The taste of all food is yummy. When they cook this food they take many precautions. Mumbai has more than 10,000 fold stalls. The popular places of this food in Mumbai is Churchgate, Bandra and Mumbai CST.

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