Evolve in Oneness to Survive- a Choice to Make

Evolve in Oneness to Survive- a Choice to Make

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Evolution has taken a toll on us,

Technology has made us weak without it;

Made us less of the species we are

From the strong and fierce hunters and gatherers we were

Now only a few still possess these strengths

And even fewer pass these down to the next generation.


In our quest of technological advancement outside of ourselves

Outside our immediate flesh and blood

We grow weaker in all forms; while we depend on it.

As we surround ourselves with machines and devices

That do all the “hard work” for us

The thinking, the building, the movement; actions in all shape and form


We forget how strong we were;

How fierce we were, hunting mammoths and other giant beasts.

Now we only show this power forth in Sports

And civilisation calls those that physically have this always as savage

When we pause and take a look back

To increase ourselves

Rather than shift our increase to the machines that aid us…


Why build protection around a soft cocoon?

When the cocoon can lose this protection?

Why not infuse the cocoon rather with this protection;

So the protection cannot be removed or lost?

Survival of the fittest has always been the case;

Survive or be eliminated;

Evolve or devolve with external protection;


Evolve, in oneness, to survive?

The choice is ours.




ed. [ ArbSah ]

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