Eternal Happiness

Eternal Happiness

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As Mahatma Gandhi stated, happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Happiness can never exist in the possession of material, it is just a temporary state of madness. Excitement, anger, and anxiety all are emotions that depict a certain level of madness. Acquiring things can temporarily satisfy our mind and body, however, for the permanent satisfaction of the soul, the soul needs to be fed with the true essence of spirituality.

Real happiness can be felt if we learn to live in the moment without dwelling in the past and being anxious about the future. The popular phrase of soul-searching refers to the process of finding happiness within rather than searching it outside; happiness is an inside job. In today’s times, the worth of a person is decided in what he has instead of what he is.

We tend to form an impression of the person in the first instinct by looking at his clothes, accessories, and gadgets they carry. We do not intend to know a person which further shows how we are trapped in the cage of materialism. The mind and ego do not support our living, we think of them as our true friends. However, they tend to mislead our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Our true companion is our soul, which brings mental peace and satisfaction. Happiness is not the destination rather it is a journey.

It is not how much we have instead of how much we enjoy that brings happiness. The greatest barrier to happiness is that all that our ancestors achieved in forty years, we are striving to achieve in four years. In the constant rat race to earn more, we wish to fulfill all our desires and luxuries rather than earning necessities. A poor boy may be happy and satisfied with what he has but a rich kid may not be happy as he wants a better luxury. A rich businessman may have loads of money, cars, and assets but still may not receive love, happiness, and respect from his family as he fails to give time to his family. The true journey of happiness starts when we can find happiness in bits rather than craving for it as a whole. The day we decide to depend on our happiness upon ourselves rather than our circumstances, we will live a better life. When the contact with the supreme power is established, we know him and ourselves better, there is a better meaning and direction to life. Happiness is directly proportionate to spirituality; it is pure bliss to the soul.


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