Digital Marketing Trends
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Digital Marketing Trends

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We are witnessing a phase of transition in terms of technological developments. Today everyone wants everything with just a single click via our digital device. Due to which the graph of digital traffic is rising by the minute. This digital advancement is definite a boon for marketing industry. Those days are gone when we used to take leave from work even for our basic shopping. Today, the scenario has changed totally, nowadays we can just get anything while working, travelling, basically from anywhere and while doing anything (remotely). A huge welcome into the era of digital marketing!

Digital marketing world is all about innovations. Moreover, from branding campaign to awareness campaigns we have space for creativeness. Events of small – scale product launch can also get huge number of engagements and great traffic online, by just a little magic of innovation and creativity. Our government; central as well as state, has adopted various digital marketing techniques today.

The ‘Digital India’ campaign launched by our honourable prime minister, Narendra Modi, has accelerated the demand of digital marketing. Our government; central as well as state, has adopted various digital marketing techniques today. The recent MOU signed flipkart and the ‘Khadi and Gramodhyog’ department of Uttar Pradesh is just an illustration. We have series of these tie ups in this context.

Digital marketing is not just for business to brand there products and services, but it is used to brand an individual. The major events organised by the government of Uttar Pradesh such as ‘Kumbh – 2019’, ‘Deepotsav’, ‘Garh Mukteshwar’, moreover, visit of chief minister Yogi Adityanath and many more were promoted digitally. We witnessed a lot of Hashtags trending during these events, such as #SwachKumbh, #AyodhyaKiDiwali, #SarayuKeRam, etc.

Social media platforms namely Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pintrest, Telegram, etc. have made digital marketing a major tool of marketing these days. And it is not just limited to urban and elite class, but also has grown popular in rural areas. More than 70 % of rural population have their presence on these social media platforms especially Facebook. This has encouraged Facebook to add a feature of market place on its app. It seems like a feather is added Sa cap in revenue generation of Facebook.

Similarly, Instagram is used by various companies for promotion of their products. We just have to type a keyword in search and boom! Get the details. Even we have a large community of you – tubers who make short videos for promotion of products as well as knowledge packs and upload it on YouTube.

The whole game of digital marketing is based on keywords. Stronger the keyword; we get more positive sentiments. Digital marketing is a game of attractive more positive sentiments in a ocean of digital traffic. We have many great social media tools to track the success and response of keywords while promotional activities like BRAND24, Melt Water, etc. we also have tools to accelerate the promotional activities like Tweet Deck.

So, digital marketing is an innovative technique which has made our life much easier. This has tied the whole world in a single digital string. Thus has also encouraged youths to run a start up and connect to their clients digitally. In the past year, it has covered almost 95% of the global population and is generated a huge demand for SMO and SEO.

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