Lycia Naff- an overview

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  • Lycia  Naff- Actress, Emmy Award-winning, Journalist, Writer

The Lycia Naff is an American dancer and actress. Naff is known for its role as Ensign Sonya Gomez in two best episodes in the Star Trek: The Next generation. She was born on August 29, 1962, in Las Vegas, Nevada (United States). She started her career as a dancer in a television series Fame of 1982. Naff appeared in many episodes such as Hunter, The Young and the Restless, etc.  During her early life, she wrote many magazines and newspaper as a journalist. She plays a lead role in two episodes”Q Who” and “Samaritan Share”.  When she met with Captain Jean-Luc this was a turning point in her life.  2003-2008 was golden years for her and she achieves many goals and success in life with extraordinary performance. She has a rebellious and emotional temper.

  • Naff early days and struggles:


Naff passed her earlier education from the Province High School, Burbank and then passed graduation from Palm Beach Atlantic College in West Palm Beach (South Florida). She left her home at the age of 16 and went to live in aunt’s garage in North Hollywood. After struggling a long time she comeback in Hollywood with Actor’s Playpen in 2005.  Naff joined”Open At The Top Theatre Company” in 2005 at the NOHO Arts Center.


  • Awards and achievements:

In 1989 she got Daytime Emmy for excellent performance in ABC After-school Special of The Perfect Date.  People Magazine and Miami Herald are some famous magazines written by Naff. She was a writer in Los Angeles. The Disc column was a famous article of Naff which published in US turbid publication.


  • Nature, Height and physical weight of Lycia Naff: Naff is very sensitive and conscious about her behavior and creativity. She handles every problem efficiently and she was aware of traditional values and customs. Naff possesses excellent communication skills with an optimistic view of life’s problems. She wants the freedom to express thoughts, views, and ideas to achieve her goals in life. After touching the sky of success she is very humble and behaves in a kind manner with fans. Naff possesses a charming look with a height of 5feet and 4 inches. She looks so attractive with a slim body and brown color of eye and hair. Alisha Hessler was a source of inspiration for Naff. Lycia Naff played an amazing three-breasted beautiful woman in Total Recall and this show dropped after an absence of Naff, this is an excellent example of the popularity of Naff across the world’s net worth of Naff is about $9 million.
  • Horoscope of Lycia Naff:  The day when Naff born was Wednesday and her zodiac sign is a star, Virgo.

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