Depression: The Modern Beast

Depression: The Modern Beast

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Depression is a blood sucker that is eating deep into our society. It means being very sad,anxious and without hope. Depression can also be a medical condition.

Most people get depressed at one point or the other during their life time. When someone is depressed, it looks like their won’t be a solution to their problems, it looks like the world is ending.

Most people do not really understand what depression means and thats why they condemn those that has taken the worst decision by ending their own life. Different things drives people into depression;hunger, lack of finance, heartbreak, divorce, sickness, failure in exams/business, death of a loved one, etc.

When a person is depressed, he/she has just one thing ringing in his/her head and that’s suicide.

Suicide means killing oneself deliberately.

A depressed person thinks killing his/herself would be best but No, its the beginning of suffering. There’s a phase in life in which everyone has to go through whether rich/poor. Now that phase can make one fall into depression, but suicide should never be an option. It isn’t worth it! No matter what one is going through in life, no matter the difficulties, killing oneself is not worth it. Why not stay strong, pass through that phase and tell someone or anyone who cares to listen your story. Why not triumph over depression, you can look back someday and laugh at the devil’s option. Even it seems that’s the best option, say no its not the best! The world needs you, the world needs someone like you. You can get rid of depression.


  • Think of something else outside your situation.

  • Think about the sweetness of life, think about you in the future, a brighter future. Think about your loved ones, think about those you love dearly, they can’t afford to lose you. If your loved ones are the reason for your depression, please think about something else.

  • Open up, please open up.

  • Tell your problems to someone who is ready to listen and speak with you, bottling up your problems would lead you to something else.

  • Think about a better way to solve your problem, not suicide.

  • Let go of your past, move on with your life. Don’t think of suicide because of anything or anyone.

  • Be happy and tell yourself, this is a phase, and it will pass.

  • Speak to a doctor or counselor.

Life is sweet! Suicide is never an option! Say no to suicide! Live life and enjoy it!

Rachael Abioye

I'm a writer and mass communication student.

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