Depression And How I Overcame It

Depression And How I Overcame It

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I was diagnosed with depression in 2016. No, I am not here to tell you guys my sob story, don’t worry. I’m here for those people who are suffering from it, to show them that yes, you can overcome it.

So as I was saying, I had depression 4 years ago. My parents wanted me to be a doctor because my elder brother is a doctor. So they wanted me to follow his footsteps in every way. Like brother, Like sister. But I had no passion for it, no offense but it was just not for me. And I didn’t wanted to do something just for the money. I wanted to do something that I love. In 2016, I didn’t know what and you know, I was financially dependent on my parents at that time, so yeah, I had to do what they said. After two failed attempts of being a doctor, I was at my breaking point. I had chronic depression, at times I felt like I couldn’t breath. Relatives, neighbours all were giving me advices and saying how I wasted my future. How I should do this or that. But I couldn’t make them understand that this is not what I want. At that time, I became aware of my depression and honestly I don’t know why, but one day as I was walking in my balcony, I had a moment. A realization moment. It stuck me that actually I am listening to the wrong people and I am giving those people importance who don’t deserve it. Not one bit. I decided I have to change my life. After all it’s my life, I have only one chance to live it. So if not now, then when!?

I started to spend time with friends, with books, my forever love. They helped me a lot to get through it. Day and night, I read and read and read. A lot! So yes, here’s some tips from someone who suffered it firsthand:-

1. Accept it. Yes, you have depression but you are strong enough to overcome it. You can.

2. Do whatever makes you happy. Don’t think what others are saying. I know it’s hard to just ignore but once again, yes you can. One day you’ll sit back and look back, and you’ll laugh at those people for their stupidities.

3. Spend time with someone. Be it your friend, parents, cousin, bro/sis, anyone.

4. Find a way to express your feelings. Writing, painting, anything that helps you.

5. Find your comfort zone and explore yourself.

So, this is it! Now, chin up buddy! You can do it. As I said, you can, you are the only hero in your life. You can do anything!

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  1. Great tips. Depression is almost a never-ending pit, and one just tends to fall deeper into it, as they struggle to rise above it.

    And the writing style is so personal, it feels like you’re talking to the reader. Looking forward to more from you.

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