Depression and anxiety?

Depression and anxiety?

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To all those suffering from depression, anxiety, mental pain, I have a question for you.

Do you not know the one who created you is perfect?

Do you not trust the abilities he gave you?

Do you not trust that he will give you happy tidings?

Do you not trust his plan?

Indeed, he is the one with ultimate power and justice.

When he said that everyone he created is equal and the grading depends only upon our deeds, piety, and taqwa,

Then who are we to change it?

Trust yourself and the abilities because a part of trusting yourself is a part of trusting God because you are trusting the abilities given to you by your creator.

Tell yourself that you don’t need anyone besides your God.

Indeed, he is sufficient for you.

Trust yourself, believe in yourself, and above all,


Ahmed Sajid

A deep thinker... writing to rise by raising the fallen.

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