Delhi Police and Their Dichotomy

Delhi Police and Their Dichotomy

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“I am not against the Police,I am just afraid of them” —Alfred Hitchcock

This dictum aptly sums up the new system of police and their apathetic behaviour throughout the capital. For the last few months, people have been witnessing a sense of slanted attitude in their behaviour.For instance, In last one and half month,the whole nation has been fomenting on several issues especially on CAA/NRC/NPR.Amidst these protests, Delhi Police’s oppressing attitude towards the students of several universities (Jamiya,JNU etc)  and giving a cold shoulder to the mob attackers in JNU(till now nobody has been arrested) have already  raised eyebrows among several citizens. It has become more prominent on Jan 30,when a boy in his late 17 entered  the anti CAA protest site near Jamiya  and opened firing from a gun by chanting “yeh lo azadi” and “delhi police zindabad” and most astoundingly,police was standing at a few distance in such a way as if they were entertaining a fascinating drama series in a podium and waiting for the epilogue. it also reminds me the game that we used to play in our childhood. You go through this,may be, you also get NOSTALGIC by recalling this childhood game–

in our childhood, a group of 5 to 6 children used to play this game(namely CHOR–POLICE).

one child yelled  “POLICE POLICE KAUN HEY?”(who is the Police?)

one among the other four replied “HUM HEY”(I am)

the first child ordered “CHOR KO PAKDO”(guess Who is the thief??)

then the child who assumed to be a POLICE used to predict who could  the THIEF be and got active on that time. that exactly happened in the heart of the capital on 30th January. Police were gazing at the accused as if they were in a hibernated state and could not even move an inch due to the chilly cold of the winter. After much hue and cry created by the protesters and journalists, only one policeman came forward and caught the suspect.

Does such behaviour of police can be taken for granted ? or Does we be ready to endure such behaviour as a part of our regular activity of our country?I think, most of the rational people would raise question on this issue even though they are an ardent follower of the ruling government in Centre. #shame_on_DelhiPolice

Now,in a vivacious democracy, where nonviolence protests are always considered as  SACROSANCT and always be used as a tool to fight against injustice, on that juncture,why are such anarchy and chaos mixed with so much nuisance happening around us? Are these things really desirable? or some people are ready to bring back the dark day of “30th Jan,1948″(death of our father of Nation) on their vested interest.. We should observe these things cautiously otherwise we are going to provide a dark era that will be full of conflicts and chaos, to our progenies..

Those who believe politics is a dirty issue and think evading themselves from such issues will provide a conducive environment to them then,a reminder to them that be cautious otherwise the next so called brainwashed RAMBHAKT might appear from your doorstep. So, be vocal against this politics to create a conducive environment in our society .

ranan ghosh

"WRITING is akin to SMOKING.... The more you conceive of it The more you get addicted to It" -----Ranan

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