Cupcakes and Coffee

Cupcakes and Coffee

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I asked a friend recently how she would like to celebrate. She said, definitely with “death by chocolate cake” and champagne. I asked myself this, is life that much of a celebration? If it is not, shouldn’t it be?
The reality however is, I can’t even eat three wedges of “death by chocolate” cake. Neither can I finish a bottle of bubbly. So why do all the good moments of life have to be sickeningly sweet? We celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, births, deaths, new homes and what have you. These are milestones in life but don’t necessarily have to touch us in a place called our soul. Do we ever celebrate ourselves? Do we ever celebrate the stupid grin we woke up with? Do we ever celebrate the smell of rain?

The things that put a smile deep in our soul are the simple things of life. They stem from a very simple fact – All human beings are capable of love, send out love and expect an equal measure in return. Whenever we send that love out and it returns back in equal measure, now i.e a celebration of life as we know it.
It’s like cupcakes and coffee. Light, refreshing, tasty and wholesome.

That kind of love is definitely out there. Don’t die with a super-rich chocolate cake or with too much bubbly. Just find your flavour of cupcake and coffee. They are both simple foods, can be found in endless combinations and taste great in all flavours.

Anita Susan Bharanidharan

Full time mom and homepreneur with a passion for saying it like it is.

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