COVID 19 and Our Society

COVID 19 and Our Society

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I’m a covid 19; tested-negative!
I can do nothing but praise the Creator…this normal viral did not turn out to be covid.
Today, in a world where the fear of getting infected is our highest concern, it’s scary.
It’s scary to experience a cough, it’s scary to have a sore throat, to breathe and not be able to hold on to your breath, to have a body ache……the scariest part is waiting for the test result.
I think…no! I’m sure, it was the cash money I counted at the bank that one day. Cash money is unclean and unhygienic but its been around for years and years and it will be around for more.
Even though life is becoming simpler and more hygienic with digital payment methods, not everyone is accustomed or prepared for it.
Did I mention that I licked the money while I counted it??
We get yogurt from our neighborhood store in a plastic bag. Are we supposed to wash the bag before emptying or just take our own bowl? I read somewhere that the virus stays for 3 days on plastic, but I’m not sure if that’s a fact.
There’s too much out there…what to believe and what not to!
So, I had a sore throat and a very bad cough…. And no! you won’t get infected by reading this article!
I had traveled to two countries since the covid outbreak. I’m in a third country now, by choice! My family is in South East Asia and all of us being stranded, are just praying for each other.
So, the test…It was a perfect set-up, perfect arrangement and very well organized. The doctor would analyze if one really needs the test or not. No one wants to spend hard-earned money nor misuse test kits. So, the test is done, I return home… what?
There were no guidelines I needed to follow, no info on how to go about. So being socially responsible I scream at most of the family and keep them away from me for the next two days.
Its been five days and I’m still with the flu and still socially distancing myself from others, not that I have an option because life is on lockdown and no one is socially available except online.
So, I was wondering was it the cash money? I’d rather scan a QR code with my phone and make a payment…if it really was the cash.
I was wondering, are introverts happy nowadays; are they at peace?
I was also wondering why people are complaining about staying at home…isn’t it a blessing? Can we imagine people stranded at various places, various cities; penniless, without hope or drive.
Can we even imagine the refugees, the homeless, the people who don’t have a country to claim, people who have nowhere to go, no place to call home? We can’t even start to imagine as we sit in our homes, with power, gas, internet, food and still complain about being quarantined.
There is no doubt that the globe has been taken over by this intense virus. We, as humans need to take care, not only of ourselves but of others…. carriers are unaware of being carriers. This is the time of patience and prayers….
Did I mention how difficult the two days were as I waited for my covid-19 test results?
I had already planned and managed in my mind how things would be in the household…how I would take control, being quarantined? Panic mode is weird, it makes you think the unthinkable.
Also, imagine all the people sitting behind PC’s creating memes…now, what’s that about?
So, waiting is the worst, especially if one foresees bad news and also when you really don’t know what to do…. guidelines could have been appreciated.
Covid 19 comes with a fear of; when will this ever end? Will it ever end? Will it end up as the flu and will we then take it in a stride? Where will it end? How long will the milk in the fridge last?

raheela Ishtiaq

The key to life is humour but the realities are real and need to be addressed time and again.

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