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China undoubtedly has been the hub of the economy. A large number of industries have been set up there. But unfortunately, the pioneer has faced a lot of shut down due to health conditions in china. Coronavirus has been deadly to the native country. First found in Wuhan, Alternation of power is very phenomenal but let’s not unfold it.

Here are some myths related to viral disease. Also covering a few do’s and don’t’s/

MYTHS: (clarified)

  1. Hand dryers at public toilets do not kill the virus.
  2. UV lamp visualization does not deteriorate the virus.
  3. Thermal scanners do not detect coronavirus
  4. It is safe to receive parcels from china as the virus does not reside for long objects.
  5. Spraying chlorine or alcohol does not kill the virus. However, these sprays might damage the mucosal membrane.
  6. Eating garlic has no scientific proof for providing immunity to the virus.
  7. Pets and animals do not cause or spread the virus.
  8. Pneumonia vaccines are not helpful in treating coronavirus.
  9. Washing your nasal tract with saline water doesn’t help to treat coronavirus.
  10. People of all ages can suffer through the condition and not just CHILDREN OR OLD PEOPLE!


  1. Drink a bulk amount of plain water. Don’t let dehydration come your way.
  2. Eat supplements and natural diet if vitamin C. As it helps in building stronger immunity.
  3. Wear the masks in the crowd especially N-95. This is a special respiratory mask that does not even let a microorganism of 0.3micron pass.
  4. Take care of your diet and cook your food well.
  5. Wash fruits well before eating.
  6. Infants of your house should not be exposed to dirt and untidiness.
  7. Ask the maids entering your premises to wash hands and wear masks while cleaning.
  8. Carry masks and sanitizers to public places.


  1. Don’t make the patient reside in a community area or at home. Hustle in taking the patient to the hospital and get all the tests done.
  2. Do not take routine flue or cold light. Get the tests done on an immediate basis.
  3. Avoid eating out. You do not know the hygienic conditions of chefs who have been cooking for you.
  4. Visit hospitals seldom. If you visit wear light and protective clothes. Take the aid of disinfectants with you.
  5. Avoid taking your little ones to the hospital redundantly.
  6. Do not store much water in buckets.
  7. Avoid handshakes and keep wearing masks at larger gatherings.

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