Constipation- a real pain
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Constipation- a real pain

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If you too have chronic constipation or just ‘momentary’ constipation, I can understand your pain well and you can relate to this article pretty well. Any constipation is a real pain in the ass.

Well, I have it and I have tried literally every possible thing (domestic remedies to expensive allopathic treatments to homeopathy) I could but the end results were never equal to the effort I put in.

On one good day, a family friend visited us for some ‘Gupshup’, and it was at that time that the secret was revealed in front of us that he too is suffering from chronic constipation, and he went to Hamdard ‘dawakhana’ after being referred by a relative. He asked me to give it a try as well.

Desperation made me take his advice, and I decided to go there. I went to one situated on Asaf Ali Road (nearest Metro station- Delhi Gate) as it was close to where I live.

Experience at ‘Hamdard Dawakhana’

The building was really impressive from inside- the decor, lighting, furniture gave it the perfect ambiance.

Next, I registered myself at the reception. The receptionist asked me my body stats, along with my name and address.

After registering, I went straight to hakim-saab. Hakim-saab examined me carefully and prescribed me Unani medicines, the names of which are hard to remember. He was really generous and well mannered.

Now comes the most interesting part of the visit- the pharmacy.

The whole scenario in Hamdard dawakhana is that hakim-saab doesn’t charge any consultation fees, it’s absolutely free, but there is a twist. The medicines prescribed by the Hakim must be taken from the Hamdard dawakhana, which is inside the building; else they won’t let you take the prescription home. Moreover, they won’t even let you see it or take photos of it. And the people at the pharmacy were really rude and ill-mannered.

Now you all must be wondering what’s wrong with taking medicines from the pharmacy there- so here’s the thing, they will give you medicines on MRP and won’t even discount you a single dime, where you can buy these same medicines from the local pharmacies with the usual 10-15% discount.

I hope you got my point.

However, I decided to take the medicines from the dawakhana as they didn’t really leave me with any other option to go with.

Now the big question- is it really effective?

In my opinion, yes. I feel benefited from the medicines and my constipation is cured to a certain extent, given these alternative-medicines take time to work.

If you too are having any kind of constipation, then take it from me- go and try the Hamdard dawakhana once.

And in a desperate call, I would like to hear from you guys if you have or had any kind of constipation, then what did you do to fix it. And who knows, someone might just have a really good shit, reading your comments.

Rishab Jain

All articles are from a personal perspective. Hope you'll enjoy reading it.

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