Chaos to Clean, Less is More!

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There are lots of times, things lie in an unorganized fashion at home. Delving into the why is pointless when you know how to handle it. This clutter can range from toys, books, tech to even buttons. Each year I have tried to make a conscious effort to change that.

Here are some daily use items which can aid in organizing your clutter.

1. Plastic Storage Bucket – very useful in holding laundry as well as outdoor play equipment such as bats, rackets etc.

2. 4-in-1 Toothbrush Holder – Children’s stationary can be sorted out in each compartment. One to hold pens, pencils, crayons or sketch pens and paint brushes.

3. Over-the-door Shoe Racks – My fetish for shoes forced me to introduce this one to my closet. Any bright canvas cloth with compartments much like an apron with many pockets can serve this purpose. In a child’s room it adds a design element to the closet.

4. Wire Hangers – They make the best bangle racks and can accommodate unlimited numbers.

5. Small Square Basins – Useful in storing small toys like dinky cars, kitchen set etc, stack over neatly like drawers.

6. 6-in-1 Masala Storage Boxes – Useful in storing stationary items like pins, staples, buttons etc.

7. Discarded Rectangular Tray – Organizing envelopes, different kinds of cello-tape, pliers etc become very easy.

8. An Old Terracotta Long Vase or Pot – Storing your brooms in your service veranda has never been more stylish.

9. Spice Bags – Most of us overstock on spices and find them losing their aroma in a while. Tiny spice bags can be made and kept within the closets to preserve the clothes from pests.

10. Trunk Boxes – Neatly store away your Xbox, PS4 controllers etc. from view in a freshly painted trunk box that can serve as a stylish center table as well. Plug and play whenever without the wire maze effect.

11. Grain Galatta – Fill an old wine bottle(with a cork) with different colored grain and spices and place on an open kitchen shelf or in the entry point of the house. Watch the colors of your kitty party go green!!

You will never find a dog or a bird putting up with crap in its home. You shouldn’t either. It is your zen-zone essentially. Get smart and get cleaning!

Anita Susan Bharanidharan

Full time mom and homepreneur with a passion for saying it like it is.

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