Can it be about me?

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Have you had those days when you feel….’this day should be about me’, but that hardly happens! Does everyone think like that? Does this feeling come to only sensitive people or do some just, not care? So how about we ask ‘can this moment be about me’? it’s usually a split second; mostly when the event is being told and after that it’s not yours anymore. Some people get a chance to actually explain their situation, while others hardly are half way through their story, when others just jump in and make it theirs.
I would say that I have been guilty of such, of over stepping people’s conversations and making them my own…but I have made myself aware of such situations, being in the other shoes mostly and knowing how the story teller feels. I would sit myself forcefully, holding onto my fists tightly, reminding myself to not comment and basically ‘shut up’, so that the other person can explain his/her feelings….I do get unleashed and drop in an occasional ‘aha’ or ‘huh’ and keep my mouth open to see if the other person is in agreement for me to start a sentence.
Like you come back from school and you are all hyped up and you are like…you know I met this long lost friend and the feeling was awesome and someone replies, yeah I know how you feel, I met a long lost friend like 28 years ago and the feeling was awesome…and I’m like what??!
How about you wake up in the morning and you had an awfully sleepless night and you complain and everyone else at home are like yeah ‘I also slept at 2’ or ‘I also slept late’ or ‘oh really, that’s like normal for me’ and there go your emotions down the drain.
What about when you had an accident (God forbid) and someone or everyone has had that sort of an accident; what about my child achieved these grades and someone’s also did. Some situations are classic, like, ‘you know, my cousin married a foreigner’ and the reply would be ‘oh really! My friend’s cousin’s neighbour’s aunt’s daughter also married a foreigner!!! Imagine how low my jaw would have dropped!
Have you had the feeling when you want to just reply and say ‘can this be about me, please! Does one get this feeling; like no one cares or is everyone super eager to share their story or is it that they want to compare and be better or just compare. Maybe these are true, genuine feelings when people let you know, you’re not the only one going through this and we are here for you, type of feeling? Maybe it could be like ‘come on man, everyone goes through this’, type of an attitude.
Whatever it is, at times I just wish ‘it could be about me’!

raheela Ishtiaq

The key to life is humour but the realities are real and need to be addressed time and again.

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