Bhuvan Bam- The King of Midas Touch

Bhuvan Bam- The King of Midas Touch

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The internet is filled with struggles to fame stories; and something similar had happened with Bhuvan Bam. He had faced rejection quite a lot of times, but the current life of Bhuvan Bam is not less than any fairy tale. He has achieved this purely with his hard work and dedication.
Bhuvan Bam is a successful individual YouTuber with 15.9 million subscribers, musician and an actor. His channel, BB Ki Vines has gained millions of followers in the last year. He has released a few music albums like Sang Hoon Tere, Bas Mein etc. and has featured in a web series opposite Divya Dutta- Plus Minus, which was greatly appreciated by the viewers. 25 years old, this young man has already won millions of hearts and is considered as a mark of success.

BB Ki Vines

His YouTube episodes are mostly based on the lives of youth and their daily interactions. His series Angry Masterji which is uploaded in 13 parts till now, shows the hilarious conversations between the teacher, back-benchers and their parents.
He has also uploaded episodes with social messages.
BB Ki Vines, showcases all the characters which are enacted by him alone. He plays the role of his father – Babloo Ji, his friends- Sameer, Banchoddas, Mr. Hola- Babloo Ji’s friend and Sameer’s foe. Titu Mama is Bhuvan’s Uncle which is the favourite character of all. His comic timings, and quick insults to Bancho makes him lovable. His appearance with a cute mustache is surely adorable. He is the perfect mixture of badass and family loving person. Titu Mama also had a casual chat in their episodes with the famous Shah Rukh Khan and Johnny Sins. Both the videos were trending.
His episodes are based on conversation between friends, parents and children, which are realistic, hence a hit among fans.

Connecting with fans

Bhuvan also has trending #AskBB episodes, where he answers the questions asked by fans in the get ups of the characters. It is hard to believe that these characters actually are fiction and don’t exist.

Bhuvan Bam’s goal

As per his interviews, Bhuvan never really wanted to become a YouTuber. He always aspired to become a musician. He went for several auditions and was rejected every time. His first video which went viral after a year of being shot, was the time he was exploring his front camera of the smartphone. It was a satirical comedy of a woman answering a journalist when questioned on how she felt to have lost her son in the floods. The video was liked by people across nations. It was uploaded on Facebook. Later, with people’s suggestions he uploaded the video on YouTube. With this began his journey as a YouTuber.

Bhuvan’s Journey is a perfect example of ‘Slow and Steady Wins the Race’.

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