Beeps and Hummms!

Beeps and Hummms!

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‘The Sound of Music’? Come on, everyone loved this 1965 musical drama but this is not a movie review or an article on ‘what to watch next’. Let the humour kick in and let’s talk about the music in today’s lives. Again, this not a ‘what’s on the charts’ write up. Think about what drives us in our lifestyles, what we experience as humans today…the music of ‘beeps’ and ‘hummms’.
Life has become a series of beeps and hummms, sounds funny? Well, if one imagines a constant beeping or humming then for sure it seems slightly hilarious. Think about it; beep, hmmm, beep, hmmm or maybe just hmmm or maybe just beep, beep, beep. Makes you giggle, right? The inner child seems to just jump out and wants to just repeat the beeps and hummms again and again.
Well, this is the reality of today. The beeping or humming could be in the form of any sound, it could also be a ‘toot’ or a ‘ringgggg’ or a ‘ttttrrrrrnnnn’. This is the world we live in nowadays, where everything, every move, every aspect of our lives revolves around different sounds.

Let’s follow a random person; the morning starts with the alarm clock ‘ringing’. As he/she wakes up all this person can hear is the ‘humming’ of the air conditioner or the ‘buzzing’ of a heater (depending on the weather), the ‘hmmmm’ of the electronic tooth brush will follow, an electric or battery-operated razor maybe? Once in the kitchen; the ‘tinging’ of the microwave, the ‘humming’ or ‘whistling’ of the kettle and if he/she has an intelligent fridge, that will also beep! This person (let’s imagine) hurdles the kids into the apartment lift, which ‘tings’ and stops at each floor. Once in the parking the car opens with a sound of a kid’s toy, lets imagine, a ‘tut tut’. The automatic gate opens with a ‘teet’ and ‘wwwrrrr’. On the way the toll plaza ‘tooted’ and the payment machine made a ‘teet teet’ indicating it was running out of battery. Have we forgotten to mention the constant sound of a mobile phone which keeps on ringing, beeping or buzzing every now and then?

Our mobile phone in itself contains numerous sounds. Ringtones can be changed or personalised and similarly message tones can be personalised. We can actually assign a separate ring tone for each group or person on WhatsApp. Imagine if all tones were personalised, how many sounds would we hear throughout the day? How many alarms do we set in the day; from waking up to timers. Calling alarms, cooking alarms, meeting alarms, work alarms, study alarms…its actually all about doing stuff…these sounds are all about doing something or the other.
What about sound activations or notifications? We all just play along. As our laptop commands ‘low battery’, we rush to find the charger.

Can we say, that humans have started relying on sounds? Now how intelligent does that make you feel?

raheela Ishtiaq

The key to life is humour but the realities are real and need to be addressed time and again.

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