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date—december 17,morning

She was lying impotently on a bed of ICU in an unconscious state, wrapping in an immaculate white bed-sheet upto her neck. Every inch of her Ivory-body was flourished with myriads of bluish bruises. The bangles in her hands were lost their colors due to the utmost rubbing. The necklace in her neck was still beholden in a twisted manner but it had lost its picturesque pendant attached to it. The Tiny-dial watch in her left hand was still showing the exact time( 8:15 a.m) but unfortunately, it had broken its upper glass. The lifeline beeping in the computer screen moving as a reluctant tortoise competing in a fagged race. Her eyes were open but there was hardly any blink on them due to the shock of the horror of the previous night.Her disheveled hair showing her utmost resistance in the time of the incident. ……

All of a sudden she got back her consciousness. Now she started to realise the gruesome infliction throughout her whole body especially in the portion that remained under the waist. She had been unconscious for almost 8 hours and she did not actually know where she was then. She could hear all the chattering going on around her but could barely respond to those. In the midst of her semi consciousness, the piercing holler of her parents was perforating through her soft heart

like an acute arrow enters into a hard rock. She quickly tried to recall her own name but she failed.. After much effort, she could recall her name “Ohh!!! I’m Fatima”

Yes,It is Fatima……I repeat , She is Fatima,21, a 3rd year University student in India, that India where women are eventually treated as the MOTHERGODDESS and the Government ostentatiously shows its passions by bringing some schemes like BETI BACHAO,BETI PADHAO etc. Wait, don’t judge the girl by her NAME as we mostly judge a book by its cover. What was her fault? Remaining in a university and being a POLITICAL SCIENCE student she was going to show her solidarity in an Anti CAA protest with the right that has enshrined in the INDIAN CONSTITUTION under Article 19(right to peaceful assembly).But, unfortunately, She did not know,though staying in a democracy, one can’t raise one’s voice, except one is enough AFFLUENCE or one is a daughter of an INFLUENTIAL POLITICAL LEADER. But by the CURSE of God, she had none of these….

The Horrific Incident of December 16

It was the night of December 16,the whole university was registering a peaceful protest against the NRC and CAA. Fatima was a part of this protest. suddenly they all astonished by the sudden entry of Police Forces in the campus without any prior notice and started shelling Tear Gas and vandalising the campus’s property. The incident came such a pretty pass that Police did not even make any hesitation from Vandalizing the LIBRARY..Baffling by the lathi charge and vandalism, students started to run away .. But Fatima was enough bold to encounter the police (as she was a political science student and an ardent follower of M.K Gandhi, so she had a firm belief in non-violence) and stood against them by saying “by which law you r destroying the property of the University?” But police did not pay any heed to her words and started beating her ruthlessly and after a while she became unconscious….


Here is the story of One “Fatima”… all over the country there are many Fatimas who have been   trying to lodge  their protests but due to enough nuisance creating by the Government and the Biased media, their voices can’t be heard properly…. within 20 days time span,  3 Universities of the countries have been attacked by the police(ironically by the central and state govt.)… all these Universities are classics and Awards are given to them by Government itself for their excellence…Let’s look at the record below———-

JNU—- National Award winning University and all India rank no. 2...

Jamiya Miliya Islamiya University— 18th by NIRF ranking

Aligarh Muslim University —–19th by NIRF ranking

all these rankings are  released by government of India (dept of HRD). Now in one hand the government are saying these are the hub of ANTI-NATIONALs and TUKDE TUKDE GANGs and on the other hand their report suggesting that these are among the TOP 20 universities in the country. This is indeed paradoxical to the people of India. Are these attacks just because these universities contain the names like Jawaharlal Nehru or Islamiya or Muslim in their hoardings ?? The Govt. might have deliberately aware of the quote “Education makes people EASY to LEAD but DIFFICULT to DRIVE, EASY to GOVERN but IMPOSSIBLE to ENSLAVE” .. if not then the Govt. is digging its own Graveyard for the near Future.

Note: The PROTAGONIST devised in the story is NAMESAKEN and there is no link with the real name.


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