A happy vacation guide: Matheran

A happy vacation guide: Matheran

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Matheran is one of the best hills station in India. Matheran is a tourist place. There are many guides to guide us. The place is between in the jungle.

  • How to reach – Matheran is near 83 km from Mumbai. The best vehicle to travel is a car you can also travel in a local train. The nearest railway station is neral station. But the train journey takes approx 2 hours to reach. But the car is more comfortable to travel.
  • Where to stay – There are many hotels and farmhouse to stay. The staff of hotels and farmhouse is very friendly. The hotels and farmhouse is very clean and hygiene. And the climate is humid so you can enjoy it. In vacation, the hotel arranged a magic show and many games for kids.
  • what to do – In Matheran, you can do activities like horse riding,  Tracking, stay in your hotel and enjoy with your family and friends. There are more activities like bungee jump, rope climbing, etc.
  • what to eat –  You have a choice of food they have both veg and non-veg. The best food to eat is veg because they give us fresh veggies to eat. There are many farms of vegetables so they give us fresh veggies.

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