A GOOD Fear!

A GOOD Fear!

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Today, you see a message on your phone:
“All your services (calling, SMS, Internet) are expired.”

Imagine the amount of energy, feelings that you will get:
“I won’t be able to WhatsApp.”
“I won’t be able to Instagram.”
“I won’t be able to call my friends and family.”
“I won’t be able to Netflix.”
“I won’t be able to Youtube.”

And at that very moment, you will “Recharge the Phone.”

Now ask yourself a few questions:
~Will you procrastinate saying “Alright, I will do the recharge tomorrow.”??
~Will you be focussed or giving excuses that I am busy right now, I’m sad??

What do you notice in the above example?

When there is a deadline, the pressure gets created.
You know the effects of that deadline. If you won’t do the Recharge within the Deadline Period then you will lose all the services and your life will be dull.

Apply this in Real Life.
We all want to do something big, we all want to achieve extraordinary things but there is no pressure of the deadline or you can say “There is no fear of life becoming dull.” Why? Because you know, you will do something for Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

That’s where the part comes of creating fear in your brain. REAL FEAR.
Start Visualizing your life, if you keep on doing things that you are doing right now, then how would your life look like. Get scared of it. Get Really Scared. How will your life turn out 1 year down the line?

And then begin with a small step towards a life that you want. A really small step.
For instance, I always want to create a bigger impact in the world. So I took a really small step by Blogging.

Think of ways, what is the Smallest step towards the life that you want??


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