A generator for our school !

A generator for our school !

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Electricity is the life-blood of modern civilization. But it is a matter of great regret that we can not produce sufficient electricity to meet the total demand for electricity. We grew up in a poor country. We can not give electric supply across the country. Moreover, load shedding is a common affair due to a shortage of currency. Education is greatly hampered by these. In our school, we had been suffering for a long time. Some times it was almost impossible to conduct classes and examination for darkness and heat. But one day a great idea came to the mind of our headmaster. He shared his idea with teachers, students & guardians. It was nothing but to buy a generator for the school. Many hailed the idea and some opposed. But as it was a noble deed, it was to be done. Students were encouraged to pay a subscription. They responded spontaneously except for a few. Some guardians were skeptical about the issue. We were bold and hopeful of having a generator for the school. At last, we have been able to purchase a generator and install it on our school campus. It is the sole contribution of our students. They have done a marvelous job. I thank them for their combined effort. We all are students who continue their support for sustainable power supply. We want our generator to be maintained and operated properly. We feel proud a bit for our generator.

Nayeem Zaki

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