101 Weight Loss Affirmations for Your a More Confident and Healthier Persona

101 Weight Loss Affirmations for Your a More Confident and Healthier Persona

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101 Weight Loss Affirmations for Your a More Confident and Healthier Persona


Health is the most priceless gift that we had been endowed with by God to serve the purpose of achieving our maximized potentials each day. One of the most effective schemes that will keep us in the pink of health is all about 101 weight loss affirmations.  These are positive principles that somehow help boost the immune system and overall wellness. To make the most out of these tenets, a strong conviction is a MUST. Simply because these practical and yet useful mechanisms for a holistic lifestyle is too tedious to accomplish due to a lot of contributory factors such as lack of self-discipline, busy schedules and the psychological urges of senseless cravings for food whenever depressive states set in. Scientific experts say that health related assertions are incredibly life changing. The time-tested averments enhance one’s cognition to become calm and focused at all times.


Essentially, a well-balanced meal plan and easy to do exercise routines will give you the best of both worlds in the fruitful  attainment of a long term goal. How should you go about the 101 weight loss affirmations if you are a certified health buff? Some practitioners try to say them loud and with the aid of  creative visualizations of a  successful prognosis of a sexy and provocative body. For those who are passionate about meditation, they utter it in  a noiseless manner while they are standing in front of the mirror. Moreover, jotting them down is the ultimate secret weapon of top form advocates to constantly remind them of their challenging quest towards being physically fit. The succeeding sections will teach you how these asseverations will work for you in the next few months or years, without getting bored or tired with something that would create a major and catalytic impact on your personal endeavors in life.


First and foremost, these non-surgical health approaches which are dubbed as 101 weight loss affirmations should be done regularly. Then, condition your mind to harmoniously be with these positive vibes by means of absorbing the feel good constructs in terms of their inherent ideas that you arduously desire for your NEW SELF. Next, do not ever entertain the idea of  quitting your chosen quest for an illness-free physique. Choose only the vital ones. To expound, always have a concrete and viable list about weight reduction and don’t forget the aspect of versatility as one of its primary characteristics.


The green light of possessing an envious physical  constitution must have a resonating effect or vibration which is filled with so much joy and zealousness within you. Think about the importance of self-modification to gradually allow change to take charge of your health endangering culture before  you have become aware of your own body, mind soul and spirit. Come out of your comfort zone to experience a bushy-tailed physical asset that can amazingly withstand any stress and external pressures around you.


Make use of subliminal audio as part of your 101 weight loss affirmations to lessen your anxieties by  working on your brain’s adrenaline to foster a more relaxed state. Furthermore, this health reduction process allows users to be with their ABSOLUTE THRESHOLD LEVEL . In doing so, the subconscious mind accepts these incredible  weight loss messages as absolute truths.


As a result, they  are being freely obeyed by your body in an instant. Meanwhile, the highly recommended listening time for this health regimen will gradually create a voluptuous body like a beauty queen in just 10 minutes on a regular basis. But, not expect the best results over time. Others claim that crash dieting was 100%  effective for them. To begin with, consume less calories if you can to lose unwanted fats. For instance,  you want to shred 1 kilogram of fat which is equal to 7,700  calories. Here’s the trick. Burn more calories of the aforementioned amount.


Crash dieting is low carb meal plan which aims to help you decrease your weight quicker than other conventional methods. Here are some of the proven steps whenever you want to give it a shot for the first time.


Crash Dieting Tips


Consult your doctor first, before doing your crash dieting health improvement procedures. Write these down on a mini journal and apply them religiously.


  • Consume at least two glasses of warm water after you woke up at 7:00 a.m.
  • Run a mile for thirty minutes
  • Afterwards, take a cup of hot green tea and an a apple
  • If you work out in a gym, eat four egg whites and black coffee
  • Your lunch should be composed of one bowl of cabbage soup and a cup of oats
  • Have another bowl of cabbage soup for dinner
  • Whenever you want to eat, a cup of coffee should take care of your cravings
  • Do some high intensity training like cardio and weight exercises. Squats, bench press and bench press must be included at least six days in a row.


Now, let’s proceed to the core of this enlightening article about weight loss.- The 101 weight loss affirmations. How will these positive phrases that will help your body to give into the pleasures of homeostasis and a happy living?


101 Weight Loss  Affirmations You Ought to Know


In its entirety, these 101 weight loss affirmations involve your self-control if temptations come your way to deter your quest for a healthy way of life.


  1. Start perceiving your new self with fresh and undaunted perspectives and visions. – In other words, never fear of dreaming what you want in life
  2. Think and affirm without any shadow of a doubt that losing some pounds will make you feel at ease when you want to your inner-self to attain its highest peak
  3. Control and condition your mind that you can possess your ideal body weight in stride
  4. Tell your system  that you have the  remarkable ability to make incredible changes as time goes by
  5. Love and pamper your body with the best suited exercise routines based on your current BMI and long-term goals of enriching your health to the fullest
  6. Feel the excitement and the thrills of being MISS or MR. BODY BEAUTIFUL in tinsel town
  7. I love myself more than anyone else does
  8. Feel the essence of tranquility all over your body soul and spirit
  9. From now on, I will divert my attention to good things that will cross my path
  10. To be who I really am, is the happiest learning ground that will  ever discover
  11. Trust is an easy does it task each day
  12. Self-healing takes place without a fuss
  13. There is no turning back in consuming nutritious and organic food
  14. My health will tremendously take its course towards the route to an infant-like nature which is fragile and yet oozing with energy and zealousness
  15. I opt to absorb  the essence of a childlike attitude wherein a playful and yet contented attitude is very much visible
  16. To carefully adopt little rectifications matter to me a lot
  17. Progression counts a lot over an egoistic kind of perfection
  18. My strong intuition is my guiding light in whatever I do
  19. It is my earnest desire to establish rapport with open-minded individuals
  20. Past is past. Moving forward is the best way to take after all the storms in my melodramatic existence
  21. The Supreme Being will not forsake me
  22. I envision the good in every person like myself
  23. I gladly accept my body unconditionally
  24. Getting rid of undesirable behavior to my advantage
  25. I will decide without any feeling of regret
  26. No feelings of guilt in whatever I do, most especially in my wants and cravings
  27. I will stay away from any relationship that will hurt myself
  28. The enduring significance of unconditional love will always rule my emotions
  29. I would welcome a much brighter future ahead of me
  30. I will make sure that my weight will no longer increase nor decrease based on my ideal weight
  31. All that I am came from the Universe
  32. My metabolism will help me with my weight reduction ideals
  33. Everyday, I will be sexier
  34. Practice the right breathing techniques to improve your metabolic rates
  35. Life is beautiful, no matter how complex it might be
  36. Patience is a virtue and I need badly need it in this goal of mine
  37. I have flat abs
  38. I would weigh around 20 pounds without any medication
  39. I will employ my wisdom in gaining a magnificent momentum of success and willpower
  40. All set to formulate new and positive thoughts to equip myself with viable changes
  41. I will be more enthusiastic and creative in all my undertakings
  42. Overeating means garbage to me from now on
  43. I will constantly yearn for a long-term bliss
  44. I am bound to live a healthier life
  45. Self-care is in my bucket list
  46. Personal satisfaction will provide you with a kind of weight that you’ve always wanted
  47. The fitness scale is not my barometer of weight loss
  48. My mind and body are harmonious conduits to good health

These 101 weight loss affirmations are indeed worth sharing. These are thought provoking health myriads that will really make you a chrysalis that  never cease to develop because as they say, “Nothing is permanent except change”.

  1. My body is the most perfect creation of God
  2. I have the most beautiful refuge whenever stresses beset me


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