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He’s cruel but handsome😉

©Authoress Omlak👑

Episode 1


Mrs Rose had travelled out of town leaving me and her husband alone at home.

A little introduction about me, I’m Angel and was adopted by Rose and Derrick who had been married for 5years without a child so that tells why I’m adopted.

Well I’m just 21 with a perfect figure 8 shape that can seduce any man to the extent he can’t resist it.

It was late already and Mr Derrick was not yet back from work and I sigh tiredly resting my head on the couch and soon I slept off.

I was still having good sleep when I felt a touch on my exposed laps which I adjusted myself but later the touch was going to my private part which made me open my eyes.

“Shhhh!” Mr Derrick whisper placing one index finger on his lips.

What are you doing! I yank him off.

I tried running away but he grab hold of my wrist holding it tight which made me wince in pain.

It have been long have wanted to do this with you and today is my Lucky day “he said with a smirk, licking his lips, his eyes filled with lust”.

Stop! Stop!! Please, I beg him to stop instead he covered my mouth with his hand and push me, making me fall on the couch.

He unlock his belt pulling down his trouser.

A lot of thought ran through my mind and I wasn’t ready to accept the fact I’ll be doing it today.

I’ll do it gently, so stay calm for me “he said pinning me on the couch, he overpowered”

He tore my dress and that alone scared me as I cried thinking he might let go of me but no he wasn’t buying that.

An idea pop up on my brain.

Let’s taking it slowly like you want, let’s not rush “I mutter seducing using my had to trace his ugly chest”.

At first he was shock to see my reaction but due to his lust he believes me.

He moan to my touch, seems my plan is working I thought still romancing him.

When I knew he was in ecstasy and was about to thrust his rod in me.

Holy molly, I hit him in the forbidden zone as he fell to the ground holding the place while groaning.

I took few of my clothes that I had washed which was still outside and ran out of the house.

Come back here you b**ch! He growl after me but couldn’t due to the pain he was passing through.

It was late and I had no where to go, it better I run away from that filthy man that is about to rape me.

I ran away….


I puff out smoke on the b**h, boobs while she turn me on.

I felt my manhood bulge the the zip of my trouser as I couldn’t take it anymore.

I turned her over to the bed banging her hard.

Her moan filled the room as I thrust in harder.

Don’t stop! She kept on yelling which made me smirk.

I notice her movement and saw she was planning to stab me but I beat her to it as I blast her brain with my gun, emptying my c*m on her lifeless body as blood gush out of her head.

I made a call on the landline…

☎️come take this trash out of here “I said icily and hang up as I went to freshen up in the bathroom.
I got back inside and found out the body has been cleared.

Boss ” drake called already in my room”

Why would you let that bitch in at the first place knowing fully well I told you to interrogate them before sending them in! I half yell at him.

I’m sorry “he apologize bowing his head”.

The deed has been done already, why are you here ” I asked”.

The shipment was successfully delivered he answer his head still bow.

This call for celebration I’m hitting the club tonight “I responded as he went out of my room”

I’m Justine a mafia who deals with drug also I’m a young 25 year old billionaire.

About that bitch, I guess one of my enemy sent her to do their dirty job unfortunately she lost her life.

Mafia’s are bound to have enemy and my enemy is Donald.
I got dressed departing for the club as I hop in my car while my guard tag along.


Brought to you by Author Omlak👑

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